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Image Sizes and Quality

All photographs are high resolution unless otherwise stated.

Our high resolution images are:

  • 12MP (4256x2832 pixels)
  • 16MP (5520x3680 pixels)
  • 36MP (7360x4912 pixels).

36MP images are suitable for poster sized prints and are marked as 'super high res'.

These images are clearly marked when you enlarge a thumbnail image. Information is available in the caption area below the image.

Image Downloads

Some galleries may not have downloads available.

This is because the high resolution versions have yet to be uploaded to the server or we have chosen not to make them available via direct download, paid or otherwise.

To add images to your basket for download click on the shopping cart icon underneath a thumbnail.

The price of an image is clearly marked adjacent to the shopping cart icon.

All images added to your basket can be download following payment via Paypal in a zip archive.

Water Mark

Images are watermarked for online protection. Image downloads have no water marks or overlays

Image Copyright

Images retain copyright of the photographer. Images cannot be used for purposes of financial gain, the license for the image is for personal use only.

If you wish to use the image for promotional material or for any purpose other than personal use please contact us.

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